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posted Sep 29, 2009, 1:37 AM by Maao Vaireka   [ updated Dec 29, 2009, 6:16 PM ]

New design for gethemes and web address

Its been awhile since we added new themes but in the background this site has been in the making.

Google sites is getting better with each new release and based on feedback we are trying to make this resource easier to navigate to the required information and looking at how far we can push the designs within this platform.

We will be adding some exciting new areas such as learning how to create a full custom site like this one using the google sites platform.

We have some users that have shared their own designs which we will feature on this site also. And we also have those that have customized the background themes to make something that's truly unique to their brand.

Keep checking in as we roll out these new features and add new themes to the downloads. Peace :)

New Web Address

Yes is the new website address.

A while back i couldn't get this domain to work with google sites, what actually happened is somehow google created a blank google apps account when i registered the domain with godaddy, which meant that google wouldn't accept my domain name in google sites as it was used by another service (google apps). I didn't know this until after some serious digging and help from Brian over at kc cloud solutions and from the top contributors on the google sites help forum.

Once i verified (to google) that i was the owner of the domain through the google apps verification process, i was then allowed to sign in to google apps, delete that account and assign my domain to my google sites account. im not sure why this happened but hopefully this will help someone out. so here it again is enjoy!